Poem Makes Me More Honest to Myself

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I used to think that someone could be more poetic when he/she fall in love and broken heart. Is it true? After I had an interaction with poem for several months ago, I realized that it could be true and not (It depends on the person and what he/she write about). The opinion isn’t completely wrong, but also not completely right. How come?

I said it’s not completely wrong because from my observation (I’m sorry if I can’t mention the exact number or percentage accurately because it’s not for survey or research purpose), there’re many great poems was born from the hands of poet who’re in love or broken heart. Especially if someone who’s broken hearted failed to move on. Beside poems about fall in love and broken heart, there’s one more poem that often left deep impression on me. Poems about longing. (Falling in love and broken heart aren’t complete without longing).

But, I said that it’s not completely right because there’re also many poems were created out of social issues concern. There’re poems about nationalism. There’re poems about the beauty of nature that can increase our admiration for His greatness. And many more, outside the falling in love and broken heart topics.

Regardless of whatever the poem’s theme was written on, a poem still has the special place in my heart. Like what you see on the title, that’s one of reasons why poem is special for me. All good and bad experiences, regret and mistakes in the past, dream and hopes in the future, something I don’t/want to do, imagination, gratitude, longing etc. I can tell about them all in my poem. I can capture the beauty of life through my poem. I can capture life’s problem through my poem. I always feel relieved after making a confession through my poem. I find and define myself through my poem. It feels like a therapy for me.

Have a great day, everyone! Don’t forget to be happy.


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  1. The writer can tell something that secret with a poem, and only them who know that. So that, I admire someone who create a poem. Because I can’t read their creation easily. Because they make me should learn first to understand it and ———> menjadi semakin -penasaran- gitu. . . dengan yang mereka tulis. 😀

    Happy week end my sister. 😉

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    1. An interpretation toward someone’s poem can be different from one to another. It depends on how they imagine and perceive themselves to the poem they read. So, there’s no right or wrong interpretation.
      Happy weekend too brother 😊

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      1. Happy Monday, my sister, Oke, I agree you, this opinion is open my mind, now. So, I can imagine a poem and perceive by myself freely.. 😉 thank you very much, dear.

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  2. I agree with you. Poetry can be our confidant in times of stress. It can be a microphone to voice out our concerns. It can be a means to share our truest feelings with the world
    Indeed poetry is so many things. We only have to know how to use it.
    Lovely post 💚💚

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