The Number of Likes/Comments/Shares/Followers Doesn’t Show Your Success

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How long have you been blogged? 1 year? 2 years? 3 years? Or just a couple of months? If you have been blogged for several years or if you’re more senior blogger, it’s normal to have many followers on your blog. Because you’re far more experience than newcomers or bloggers who just started blogging for several months. Especially if you’re writer/artist/blogger/famous person whose work is well-known everywhere. It will not difficult for you to gain readers and followers because they’re already know you. So, for you, who’re newcomers or several months bloggers, if you haven’t gotten the attentions and recognitions like them, it’s okay. You’ve just started. You still have long way to go. You need more patiences to learn from them. There’s no instant for success.

Many bloggers quit blogging because they didn’t get the attentions and recognitions as they expected before. I think it’s not only happen on WordPress, but everywhere. The same thing happened on the online community writing that I joined in. Many members there gave up or became lack of spirit because their articles could only attracts few readers/votes/comments/followers. Finally, they never appear and write again on that site.

Another classic reason they often used for quit blogging is they don’t know what should be written. We called it lack of ideas and inspirations. Maybe, they are not really lack of ideas, but they are too strict to the perfection. Maybe, they have many ideas to be written and published, but, they want their writing to be perfect. So, they never start to write anything. Actually, there’s no perfection in this world. Your writings are no exception. No matter how professional you are, no matter how great your works, you won’t ever meet a perfection.

It feels weird if you want to be a great writer but you immadiately give up and quit just because the number of likes/comments/shares/followers that are not meet your expectations. Learning process is indeed not easy. It takes sacrifice, whether it’s mind, energy, time and even money. You’ll also experience pain from learning process, whether it’s fatigue, worry, rejection and even failure. Your success isn’t determined by the number of likes/comments/shares/followers. Good or bad quality of your writing isn’t determined by how often you receive praises for your writing. But, you’ll know how good or bad your writing is, when you never stop writing and brave enough to publish it. A good writing is something that can give benefits for its readers, whether it can be informative, inspirational, motivational and even entertaining to others. And you can be considered as successful when people get the benefit from your writing, even if only 1 or 2 people.

Have a great day, everyone! Don’t forget to be happy.

11 respons untuk โ€˜The Number of Likes/Comments/Shares/Followers Doesn’t Show Your Successโ€™

  1. 100% Agree “success” is subjective and dependant on your own perspective first and foremost.Enjoy what you do, and If you blog touches someone’s soul, even one person … That is success!

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  2. Hi, Luna. Again, another thoughtful writing. I am so impressed!
    Thank you for sharing this.

    Agree, the number of likes, comments, shares or followers does not determine your success in writing something. I can relate!
    I have been writing in WordPress since 2015 and I enjoyed it since. I like to share my ideas, even a little part of me that considered as ‘lebay’ hahaha.

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    1. since 2015? wow..! I wonder how many great articles that you’re posting through your blog for 4 years. And, I don’t think what you do is ‘lebay’. I think I’m more ‘lebay’ and ‘baperan’ than you wkwk

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      1. Hahahaha,
        I do not count how many articles have been published since than. My only hope is through my articles, every one who read it will get some inspiration, ideas and feeling lifted. I enjoy writing it, and I do hope my reader also feel the same when they read it.

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