Prose | The Story of Two Rooms

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I only have one heart. But, there’re two rooms on it. Room 1 is just like a veranda in our home. Room 2 is just like the inside of our home.

Room 1 appears itself in a form that can be recognized by others because it’s in the outside. It has “two sides” : good or bad. Even though people often identify it as something bad.

Room 2 is harder to see with the naked eyes. It’s more special. Cause only you and Him know more what’s hidden inside. He designed it for you as a gift.

In the middle between the two rooms, there’s one space that connects the two. It’s on the top and highest position. It can lean on room 1 or room 2. It can incline to “good” or “bad”. Depends how you treat and use it. It can lead you to the light or darkness. It can lead you to the wisdom or destruction.

Room 1, room 2 and the middle room between the two are like a congruent triangle love affair. All of them form harmony even though they often fight each other. One of these three is mising, the balance will be broken. Cause all three have created a perfection in us as human beings.

Yogyakarta, August 15th, 2019-07.03 p.m.

*) Notes : The prose explains about the relationship between human mind and heart. Mind and heart are like two sides of a coin that can’t be separated. Without mind, heart can’t provide for life. Without heart, mind often does damage. I got an inspiration to write this prose after read a philosophy article about the same topic. The writer said that our heart is only one but consists of two rooms or entities (outer and inner) with different characteristics. The outer heart represents lust while the inner heart (or often called conscience) represents God’s traits that are internalized in every humans. Meanwhile mind is an entity that complements both of them, so, it makes us different from His other creatures, such as animal and plants.

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