My Words are on The Edge of The Death

My ideas drained

Become brainless


No colorful feeling anymore

There’re only 2 colors left behind : black and white

Monotone!” (Not monochrome)


My words are imprisoned

My pen can’t draw beautiful feeling perfectly

My voices disappeared

I’ve lost my words

There’s only 1 thing left behind : death

Death? What are you saying?”

Yes, baby, my words are on the edge of the death

Yogyakarta, July 14th, 2019-10.11 a.m.

4 respons untuk ‘My Words are on The Edge of The Death’

    1. Yeah, I didn’t say that they are dead at all. Maybe “almost” dead (?). Tbh, I wasn’t serious when I wrote it as the title. I mean it’s just the way I express my writer’s block condition (and I think I was a bit of dramatic). Thanks for reading.

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