[Self-Reflection] Happiness On Social Media

What are you looking for?

Making your face brighter, more red lips or looks like you have slim figure. Actually, you have no that looks. Huh, it’s a lie, dear! How could you do that?

Taking a photo of what eat today, with an instagramable serving or background behind you.

Posting your romantic Saturday Night photos with your boyfriend/girlfriend, with a #relationshipgoals (I wonder what’s the meaning of relationship goals itself) Although you’ll feel difficult to delete all the photos later or posting a broken-heart status when you break up.

Showing off of your branded items you’ve bought. Making others jealous and craving to have it even though they have no enough money. Maybe it’s not their needs, just for rising their prestige if they can have it.

Showing off of your new workplace in multinational or international company, claiming “that’s what success looks like”. If others haven’t already reach your level, then you underestimate them. Actually, you don’t know that everyone else is doing something on their dreams. Have I ever told you that “life isn’t a races?” Everything needs a process, dear! There’s no instant process. A process needs your sacrifice (time, money, mental strength or maybe your emotions). And there’s no fix standard on describing “success”.

So, what are you looking for?

Recognition? Compliments? Comments? Like?

Then, what will happen to you if you don’t get all of them?

If you describe what you see on social media as a happiness, what about people that prefer to keep it themselves? Just posting a certain photo or sharing a certain moment at least one or two times in a month. Aren’t they happy with their life?

You can’t see what happiness looks like. You can’t smell, taste or touch it. You only can feel it in your deepest heart.

*) Sorry, if it makes you feel triggered or uncomfortable cause I’m kinda sick of what happened on social media today. Have a great day everyone! Don’t forget to be happy 😊

Yogyakarta, June 12th, 2019-06.38 a.m.

6 respons untuk ‘[Self-Reflection] Happiness On Social Media

  1. Highly agree. Chasing fame doesn’t make you truly happy, but make you even desperated for validation. 😞

    Talking about the contradiction of this topic, there are also many people who pretend to be happy in their social media although they’re breaking down in reality. I wonder why.

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  2. True. Social media can be beneficial if you have good self control and awareness, can be disaster if you lack of self control and awareness. Honestly, I’m not social media addict. So, I can enjoy and appreciate every little moment in my life haha 😅

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    1. That’s good for you. 😄

      For me, I’m kinda hard to separate media social from my daily routine because it’s my source of information and inspiration. No more than that.

      Tbh, I have rather spend most of my time for writing and reading Quora. 😅

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  3. It’s okay to use a social media as a source of information and inspiration 👍 At least you can turn the information and inspiration into a good article/stories/poems/essay etc. So, your social media isn’t only “a place for showing off useless or unnecessary things” 😅

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