source : polyorigami.blogspot.com

I have my mind, so does the others

I have my heart, so does the others

I have my thought, so does the others

I have my feeling, so does the others

Then, what’s the difference between us?


Can somebody explain to me why something is considered true by some people and wrong by the others?

Sorry, if I’m too dumb to understand

Sorry, if I’m too naïve and innocent to believe

The more I try to find out the answers, the more I find another questions

It’s like an endless cycle


My visibility is limited by distance

My hearing is limited by frequency

But, there’s always plenty of room to expand my perspective


My eyes can only see what’s in front of me

My ears can only hear sounds with range 20-20.000 Hz

But, I can see the deep meaning behind something if I expand my perspective

Trying to figure out what will happen next based on the patterns I saw before


I don’t want to be stuck on binary logic

If I don’t choose A, doesn’t mean I choose B

If I won’t say yes, doesn’t mean I would say no

The world isn’t only black and white

And I won’t build my prison of mind

Yogyakarta, May 4th,2019-08.04 a.m.

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